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Jan. 12th Renea & Jeremy

Jan. 26th Nicole & Brian

Feb. 9th Kayla & Jesse

Mar. 13th Bonnie & Tony

Mar. 30th Erin & Louie

April 13th Sarah & Ben

April 20th Jen & Dmitriy

April 27th Marina & John *

April 27th Lacey & Cody

May 10th Karla & Willie

May 11th Virginia & Jeff

May 11th Heather & Joshua

May 11th Danielle & David

May 18th Tiffany & Ryan

May 25th Trina & Gordon *

May 26th Jessica & Matt

June 1st Emily & Michael

June 8th Monica & Nic

June 8th Erin & Mike *

June 15th Laura & Mike

June 15th Annie & Andrew

June 22nd Lisa & Mike

June 22nd Chelsey & Mike *

June 29th Cindy & Rick

June 29th Amy & Martin

July 1st Stephanie & George

July 2nd Paula & Paul

July 4th Ashley & Ben

July 6th Michele & George

July 12th Lori & Ron

July 13th Casandra & Travis

July 14th Peggy & Eric

July 14th Sarah & Fulton *

July 19th Katie & Jeff

July 20th Angela & David

July 20th Kim & Bob

July 20th Jessica & Nicholas *

July 26th Courtney & Kristopher

July 27th Nicole & Wes

Aug. 2nd Alisha & Gary

Aug. 3rd Marjan & Scott

Aug. 10th Shannon & Jerry

Aug. 10th Kathryn & Jake

Aug. 11th Kimberly & Michael

Aug. 13th Linda & Patrick

Aug. 16th Erin & Chris

Aug. 16th Kristin & Chris *

Aug. 23rd Betsy & Kevin

Aug. 24th Lindsey & Bhekumusa

Aug. 31st Lynn & Eric

Sept. 7th Haley & Jim

Sept. 13th Shelby & Jared

Sept. 14th Angela & Brad

Sept. 14th Erin & David

Sept. 14th Debbie & Joseph *

Sept. 20th Carrie and Jon

Sept. 21st Melissa & Ernest

Sept. 21st Diana & Ben

Sept. 21st Casee & Jacob *

Sept. 27th Beth & Dale

Sept. 28th Jaemi & Mike

Oct. 5th Jamie & Kevin *

Oct. 12th Tracy & Raigen

Oct. 12th Leslie & Sean

Oct. 13th Angela & Andy

Oct. 19th Elizabeth & Chris

Oct. 26th Kim & Eric

Oct. 26th Kelly & Anthony

Nov. 5th Jenny & John

Nov. 15th Ann Marie & Max

Nov. 17th Jodi & John

Nov. 23rd Amy & Jason

Nov. 23rd Marianne & Kenneth

Nov. 28th Vicki & Jim

Nov. 30th Danielle & John

Dec. 21st Valerie & Joachim

Dec. 21st Nicole & Jeffrey

Dec. 24th Jeanne & Mitch

Dec. 25th Nikki & Steve

Dec. 28th Aubry & Brandon

Dec. 30th Rebecca & Jacen

Dec. 31st Cathleen & Tim

Dec. 31st Teressa & David

* Denotes service with Rev. VĂ©ronique

Immature love says: "I love you because I need you."

Mature love says: "I need you because I love you."....Erich Fromm