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Jan. 1st Amy & Terry

Jan. 13th Lacey & Beau

Feb. 17th Catherine & Michael

Mar. 10th Brittany & Jeffery

Mar. 23rd Linda & Roy

Mar. 31st Sara & Jason

April 21st Amanda & Mike

April 21st Leslie & Errett *

May 5th Emmy & Eric

May 11th Amy & Joseph

May 19th Melissa & Shawn

May 19th Lisa & Bob *

May 19th Kara and Jan *

May 27th Christina & Joe

May 27th Sarah & Jonathan *

June 1st Semara & Bernard *

June 2nd Megan & Travis

June 16th Maigan & Ryan

June 16th Laura & Eric *

June 16th Nihada & Benjamin

June 21st Christina & Adam

June 22nd Kathy & Chris

June 23rd Carrie & Greg

June 23rd Angela & Matt *

June 30th Liz and Kelly

June 30th Gina & Corey

July 4th Kelli & Neil

July 7th Heather & John

July 7th Andrea & Warren*

July 14th Andrea & Mark

July 14th Ashley & Dan

July 14th Leslie & Jordan *

July 21st Amy & Toby

July 21st Heather & Todd

July 27th Toni & William

July 28th Elizabeth & Erik

Aug. 4th Tammy & Steve

Aug. 4th Sarah & Joe *

Aug. 10th Stephanie & Adam

Aug. 11th Monica & Hank

Aug. 18th Dawn & Brad

Aug. 18th Angela & Chris

Aug. 24th Merit & Ben

Aug. 24th Ashley & James

Aug. 24th Nicole & Ben *

Aug. 25th Natalie & Micheal

Aug. 25th Emily & Aaron

Sept. 7th Nancy & James *

Sept. 8th Courtney & Chris

Sept. 8th Autumn & Landon

Sept. 14th Noelle & Andrew

Sept. 15th Rebecca & Jason

Sept. 20th Ana & Edgar

Sept. 23rd Amanda & Mitchell

Sept 28th Meagan & Jeremy

Sept. 29th Lauren & Aaron

Sept. 30th Renee & Dennis

Oct. 6th Allison & Tom

Oct. 6th Aubree & Josh *

Oct. 12th Layne & Jeremiah

Oct. 13th Jill & Bryan

Oct. 19th Lindsey & Ryan

Oct. 29th Kathy & Brian

Nov. 3rd Abbey & Tim

Nov. 15th Kue & Chou

Dec. 21st Chelsea & Justin

Dec. 24th Nicole & Dan

* Denotes ceremony performed by Rev. Veronique

Motto for the bride and groom:

We are a work in progress with a lifetime contract.

-- Phyllis Koss

The most important marriage skill is listening to your partner in a way that they can't possibly doubt that you love them.

-- Diane Sollee